Intricate steel also manufactures custom-made wrought iron furniture as well as candles holders,which will bring style to any home or business.

Our Services

Our services includes the following:
Safety Gates
Burglar Bars
Fencing or Fence Extensions
Electric Fencing
Driveway Gates
Motorized Gates
Access Control
Intercom Systems
Handyman Works
Car Ports
Water Proofing
Wind Turbines / Solar Paneling

Non-emergency Office Hours Call Outs (08h30 – 16h30 from Monday to Friday)
•Call out and first hour of labour – R350.00
•Each hour, or part thereof, thereafter – R150.00

Non-emergency After hours Call Outs:
•Call out and first hour of labour – R400.00
•Each hour, or part thereof, thereafter – R200.00

Emergency Office Hours Call Outs (response within an hour of acknowledgement and acceptance of call out by both parties concerned)
•Call out and first hour of labour – R400.00
•Each hour, or part thereof, thereafter – R200.00

Programming of remotes
•R250 call out fee plus R75 per remote programmed.

Please Note the Following:
•The requestor of the job (person who called/emailed) is responsible for the payment due to Intricate Steel, not a 3rd party. Therefore, should a 3rd party be involved, the requestor would be responsible for payment to Intricate Steel and they in turn must bill the 3rd party to reclaim the payment made to Intricate Steel.
•All call out fees exclude materials/parts required/used to complete the job.
•Should material/parts need to be purchased/collected by Intricate Steel on behalf of the requestor of the job, R5.00 per kilometer driven to purchase/collect the material/parts will be charged in addition to the call out and labour fee.
•Should appointments be accepted and Intricate Steel is already en-route to the appointment and then the appointment is cancelled; the requestor will still be liable to pay for the initial call out and first hour of labour fee.
•Should appointments be made for a particular time and the requestor/client is late, the call out and first hour of labour fee will start from the time of the appointment and not only from when the requestor/client shows up for the appointment.
•Should the call-out and labour fees amount to R1000 or more, Intricate Steel will contact the requestor for authorization to continue.
•Should a call out and/or assessment quote amount to R1000-00 or more, a quote will be issued to include the call out/assessment fee. If the quote is not accepted, the call out/assessment fee will still be due by the requestor. If however the quote is accepted, the call out/assessment fee could be waivered by Intricate Steel.
•An assessment fee will be charged at the rate of call out fee plus R200.00, which is payable prior to the assessment report being sent by Intricate Steel.